This is me

Im Cynthia, or usually called just Cynt. Im Argentinian and a front-end developer (not designer, the difference will be explained in a next chapters).

I started developing websites at my 17 years after making a short HTML course my dad bought in a magazine. After that I made a website for my class in high-school, something simple and really ugly but we had all our pictures there, and then I made a Britney’s website (I was a huge fan of her).. cool huh?.

I would have never imagined those days that after 10 years I would move to Germany to work for SUSE Linux as a Front-End developer. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

Today I find myself working for one of the best software companies in the world and living in a beautiful (but cold) city in Germany. I work improving the usability of our products by the hand of my colleague Kenneth Wimmer, a cool American I met as soon as I came out of the airport.

I work with CSS3, HTML5, Jquery/Javascript, LESS mainly, but also use some extra tools in the meantime like Twitter Bootstrap (the popular new front-end framework), Git with Github (for version controlling), photoshop (to create some images and mostly for the mockups I use to create usability tests), Inkscape (when i need some specific icon that I cant find in FontAwesome), trello (a scrum tool), and as a front-end developer im not a master in the next languages but I have some knowledge of ASP (actually good knowledge here), PHP and JAVA…and my next goal is to learn Ruby.

Besides of my professional career, my passions are:

  1. Development.. yup, even in my free time I like coding :D .
  2. Playing piano. Its been a long time since I dont play and im not really good but i like it :P .
  3. Playing guitar. like 2 years ago since last time I played.. need to get myself some instruments again.
  4. Snowboarding. I have snowboarded only 3 years, and that means only 3 seasons, which means only 3 weeks.. but it is my favourite sport ever.
  5. listening music. Okay this is something i CANNOT live without. no matter where i am  or what im doing, i need music in the background, and the type of My Type of music (electro, dubstep, pop, R&B).
  6. GAMES !!. yes, im a gamer. Whether on PS3 or PC, games are a good way to rest my head for a while. If you guess what type of game a woman can play I can tell you Battlefield, Assassins, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, FarCry, Spyro, etc.. those are my favourite ones.
  7. Traveling. I love traveling, its something my body needs to do. Favourite place in the world: London. I prefer the cities more than the beaches.. still, some sand and sun wont hurt me ;) .
  8. and dont forget Partying. Im still young and free.

So, now you know a bit about me, what I do and what I like doing.

What’s coming next will be more interesting for sure.

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