LifeItUp – a free open source Admin Panel

I have my own CMS called “Cypressy” (just like my media agency in Cordoba, Argentina). I worked on it 4 years ago and I´ve been using it since then with customers in my home town.

A few months ago I decided to update the UI, I am a front-end developer and I wanst maintaining my own front-end (classic). So I decided to start an open source (tiny) project with this where this panel would be then installed into my Cypressy Admin Panel, but it can also be useful to others for their personal projects. – Of course, I little of publicity is requested if you use it, hehe, or just a “thank you” somewhere in the page will be enough.-

The online demo served by Github pages is here:

And the Github repo:

The demo is using Less, but you can also take the .CSS (find it in Master branch under the folder ‘compiled-css’) and remove the lines including the .Less files in the <head> as well as the less.js compiler.

So lets have a look at how it is looking like atm.

The Login page:



The dashboard:



And some other sections with elements you will need to use in your application:





There is always room for improvement, so please open an issue in Github ( for anything you find and I will try to fix it ASAP.

If you have Ideas, feel free to drop me an email (my contact info is in my Github profile)


I hope you like it and if you want to share with me the project where you are using LifeItUp I will include it in the list of demos for others to see.

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